Customs Documentation

GWL Clearing and Documentation department is expertized in Dubai Customs procedures.
We have been using Dubai’s E-Mirsal online systems since its inception; and our team is well trained and experienced in utilizing it to optimize documentation requirements of our customers.

Our Services include:

Custom clearance documentation for freight forwarding

Import Clearance for
Sea & Air Cargo

Terms and conditions mentioned in a declaration form for dubai logistics companies

Export Declarations for
Sea & Air Cargo

Picture of a lady doing documentation freight forwarding company in dubai

Local / Domestic Transfers

Internal Transfer Documents
  • Gate Pass Entries for Cargo coming into Jebel Ali from the Local market.
  • Local Entries for Cargo moving from Jebel Ali into UAE , This is same as customs clearance from Free zone to the Local market in the UAE and is not considered as Internal transfer
  • We specialize in Transfer of Ownership cargo within the free zone for customers who do not have UAE local trade License and needs Logistical License assistance .This facility is only available within Jebel Ali Free zone
We can provide customers with Guidance on all the relevant documentation requirements of Dubai Customs; i.e. Invoice / Packing List / Certificate of Origin.
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