Food & Beverage Industry

The UAE’s extreme desert climate requires all the food stored is stored at maximum of +25°C to maintain the quality and freshness of food products for health benefit of the consumers.

The Logistics for Food Products becomes an integral component of the supply chain for our Customers to their end users (supermarkets/groceries etc.)


GWL has a Temperature Controlled storage facility that allows for storage of 18-22-degree Celsius products. GWL is proud to have a state of the art, purpose built storage and warehousing facility with a storage capacity of approximately (no of pallets) pallets racking. Right next to the racks our temperature controlled storage facility contains area for bulk storage, for clients who require storage on square-meter basis, this give GWL flexibility in customizing as per clients requirements. 


Our warehouse and customer service team is experienced in temperature controlled handling of Food and Beverage industry in the UAE, with technology support of temperature and humidity mapping and monitoring done on hourly basis. We also have in place Reefer Trucks and Pick-Ups to manage the distribution of Temperature Sensitive Food & Beverage products across the UAE.


Food & Beverage products require specific Customs & Municipality permissions which GWL is able to provide; in addition to all our other regular 3PL Services.

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