5 Reasons To Opt For Bonded Warehousing Facilities

Huge empty warehouse soon to be stocked with shipment for shipping companies in dubai

A bonded warehouse is a protected warehouse facility that is covered under customs rules. Companies that export products, materials, and items abroad normally use bonded warehousing facilities to store their products. Using warehousing facility is an optional service but businesses that would like to ensure that their products are safely and legally delivered to their customer’s avail of bonded warehousing services. We at GWL, a warehousing service provider in Dubai, are providing the following benefits of bonded warehousing:

Availability of Bond: In a bonded facility, for storage, the payment of VAT and duty taxes on various goods is deferred until these have been removed. The moment your goods are stored in a bonded warehouse, the warehouse manager will offer you a bond which provides a guarantee that there is no loss of revenue supposing these are released from the bonded warehouse.

Provide Storage facility: Most warehouses will agree to hold goods and items for a period of 4 or more years and these facilities also have equipment and storage systems that can help maintain the quality of products.

Huge Savings: Traders will save money in the long run since taxes are deferred. If the products are to be re-exported, duty is not expected to be paid. Business owners and traders report huge savings varying between 25% and 30% as only VAT will be imposed when the goods will be sold.

Ensure Safety: Bonded warehouses are also safe and secure. Security personnel supervises goods 24 hours a day with special monitoring for refrigerated items. Security cameras, bar coding systems, and inventory systems are also used to ensure that all goods stored are well documented and preserved.

Provide Assurance: Most bonded warehouses are affiliated with freight forwarding companies, and therefore, deliveries, logistics, distribution, and warehousing are rest assured. Hence, if you would like a total logistics and warehousing solution for your goods, you should look for companies that offer an all in one logistics solution for their customers.

Attractive Packaging: Bonded warehouses have special packages for customers and if you are using an all in one logistics and warehousing partner, then you could expect a highly efficient and customized solution for all your needs.

We at GWL, a freight forwarding service provider in Dubai, really enjoy what we do and our energetic team will extend their best efforts to ensure you are comfortable.

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