Freight Forwarding Service – Ocean Freight V/S Air Freight: The Better Choice

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Options make life easier. Like the other side of the same coin, options make life messier! When you approach any freight forwarding service provider in Dubai, you are faced with a choice: ocean freight v/s air freight. More often than not, you are unsure about the correct choice. Sometimes, it is easy to pick.


For example, if you are time bound and have to deliver something within a stifling deadline, air freight wins hands-down! But at other times, you are not so sure what to do. Let’s study the factors that decide this choice for you.


Let us borrow the example mentioned above: delivering on a deadline. The time factor is the key for almost any logistics company in Dubai. When you are in a hurry, you need to opt for air freight. However, there are times when you order for something that requires some adjustments to fit into your household.


A large object, like a couch, can cause problems if it arrives too soon! You need to make room for that in your living space. It works out well if the couch arrives a couple of weeks later, giving you ample opportunity to make room for it. In such cases, ocean freight is definitely the better choice.


Moreover, it costs less. That brings us to the next factor on the list: the question of cost. A land transportation logistics company may lead you to believe that shipping through air is always costlier. That is not always true, actually. Yes, for most of the times, sending something through air is bound to cost more because of obvious reasons.


Budgets are definitely an issue for most shippers, especially for startups and mid-level companies. Shipping through the ocean can lead to inflated costs as well. You may need a warehousing service provider in Dubai to store items while transporting them through sea. That can hike up your costs, sometimes more than what air freight would cost.


Reliability is another buzzword to keep in mind. In this case, air freight wins because the stops and breaks along the way are almost non-existent. There are lesser variables in air freight to delay your delivery. Ocean freight is quite notorious that way! Shipments can be held up for any number of reasons, shoring up your costs and delaying the items. It can bring a bad name to your brand.


As you can judge for yourself, your choice depends upon your requirement. You can speak to our experts at Gulf Worldwide Logistics to understand your options better.

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