A Quick Guide To Procedures For Air Shipment

Picture of an airplane for storage in dubai

If you need air shipment, all you have to do is hire a reliable freight forwarding service provider in Dubai. But you should also know the procedures for air shipment that a logistics company in Dubai has to follow. This will make it easier for you to understand the mechanics of the process. When you engage a freight forwarding logistics service in Dubai, you will be aware of what to expect and fulfill your side of the deal as well.


The most important part of air shipment is the documentation. Some vital documents that are crucial for the shipment to even leave the warehouse include Certificates of Origin for the goods, packing lists and invoices. According to the destination of the goods and packages, other paperwork varies. You will need permits and transit papers for some destinations while others may demand paperwork of another kind. Make sure you have a customs documentation service provider in Dubai to help you with the paperwork.


Then comes the packaging part. While you may think that it is a no-brainer that the logistics company you engage will take care of the packaging, more often than not, they don’t take too much care in the packaging and handling of the goods. Ideally, it is the duty of the logistics team to ensure proper packaging, making it conducive for air freight security, dimension management and stability of the goods. You should talk and clear it out with the freight forwarding service provider that these loose ends will be tied up nicely.


The driver who comes to pick up the goods should ensure that there are no visible external damages to the package before signing the name and other details. The documents, duly signed by the carrier, should be appended to the package in waterproof packs. The registration number of the vehicle to be used for the carriage, along with the time and date, should be written somewhere in the documents attached to the package.


It is important for the logistics company you engage in Dubai to take care of the accepted norms of dimensions and weight of the package. The charges levied on the air shipment are based on these vitals. These should be mentioned in the customs bill of entry. If you mention the packaging method, it can be included in the Airway Bill. It can also be part of the pre-advice to the receiving agent at the other end of the air shipment.


So, basically, there are three procedures to the process: documentation, packaging and proper dimensions and weight.

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