Safety Precautions Required For Land Transportation

Cargo truck on the road carrying shipment for freight forwarder companies in dubai

Every land-transportation logistics service in Dubai has to go by some safety precautions. These are important not just for the easy and effective delivery of the goods in transit, but also for the well-being of the people working for the service. There are strict laws in place to ensure that every logistics company in Dubai adheres to the rules. Other than the legal angle, manufacturers hiring a freight forwarding service provider in Dubai has to be careful that they are signing up with the right transportation partner.


The safety precautions for land transportation can be broadly categorized under three different parameters: safety norms for the drivers, the vehicles and the roads. We will explore them individually.


Drivers: They are the human resources on the job for a logistics service unit for land transportation. Of course, they need proper licenses and permits to do their job. But that is certainly not enough! The variable factors of the road and conditions change drastically and in very quick time. Adaptability is the key. Drivers on the job must be trained about the terrain they are working in, along with their response to possible adverse situations.


Other notable precautions include getting rid of the distractions for a driver, like the use of mobile phones. Chatting with a person sitting beside is not the same as talking on the phone, even with a headset. Also, drivers should take adequate rest and proper sleep before they take the wheels.


Vehicles: The most common safety hazard for a vehicle is over-loading. Manufacturers should not arm-twist freight forwarding service providers into packing too much on a vehicle. The maintenance of the vehicle is, most definitely, the job of the logistics company in Dubai. Due technical repairs at regular intervals will be the call of the hour. Delay in delivery due to a malfunctioning vehicle is no longer a passable excuse.


Roads: This is one factor of land transportation that is not really in your control. You can only do so much to keep things under check, like taking roads that are repaired and well-maintained. Avoid bad roads, even if they curtail your distance by some time. Try to take roads that are low risk on collisions. Traffic updates should be sent to drivers on the go so that they can avoid congested areas. Drivers should keep within speed limits, even if that means additional time for delivery.


Gulf Worldwide Logistics adheres to these safety precautions for land transportation.

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