How Freight Forwarding Works In The Logistics Industry

View of sea cargo shipment for freight forwarding companies dubai

The term Freight Forwarding defines the process of import and export by means of air, sea, land, rail or other methods of transportation. Freight Forwarders act as the middlemen linking the manufacturers and traders to the end-customers. Freight forwarding service has become an integral part of logistics business and is a core element in GWL service pack. Large companies rely on this third party service, which guarantees the shipment on or before the agreed deadline in an efficient and safe manner.   


The growth of freight forwarding and correlation with economy – This sophisticated procedure of co-ordinating with various Shipping Lines, Airlines and other transport companies includes a high level of engagement and communication. Extremely organized warehouses provide the base from which GWL is able to execute the shipment for its customers. The Movement of Cargo globally is increasing year to year and forwarding agencies have become very competitive in improving their service levels and prices to match the growing demand. It is hard to imagine consistent logistics growth without an efficient freight forwarding channel.


Internet and Shipping – The internet has contributed immensely to improving the co-ordination of freight services across the globe. With minute to minute tracking of shipment and reduction in transit-times from one location to another to other various communication advantages. Logistics Corporations are also improving their online presence to deal with the shipping lines, airlines and customers.


Tips for Being an Effective Forwarder;

  • It is required to keep an eye on the process with regards to the budget and the transportation of the good/service
  • High level of communication and coordination is advised, in order to keep the shipper and consignee updated about the progress of the shipment,
  • It is important to understand the nature of the urgency and figure out how to deliver the good in agreed time.
  • Warehouses have to be efficiently managed to ensure prompt delivery and receipt service along with accurate stock keeping


GWL provides a professional forwarding service in the Middle East – Dubai, UAE. It is highly advised that as a customer, you work with reputed freight brokers, to keep your service and products be delivered to the customer within the officially agreed time and in a safe manner.


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