Choosing Your Freight Service Provider

When it comes to import and export of materials, choosing your freight service provider is one of the most important decisions your firm can take. Your freight forwarder should be a trusted partner, as millions of USD worth of goods are under the responsibility of the Shipping/Air Line selected to transport the material.

Things To Take Into Consideration

Each time you promise goods delivery, you are putting your company’s reputation at stake. The delivery system should meet the shipping needs of the customer. The 2 most important points are Speed of Delivery & Cost of Delivery. This should be evaluated seriously by your team to ensure customer satisfaction.


The Freight Service Provider must provide proper security policies for your cargo and your organization. Some Cargo requires special services, and it is desirable if the Freight Forwarder can accommodate such requests when required. Timely and effective customer service and ease of doing business should also be considered.


There are quite a few freight forwarding companies in Dubai for you to choose from; Gulf Worldwide Logistics (GWL) occupies a prominent and respectable place in this service and over the past year, has put a greater emphasis on expanding this business to meet the rising requirements of Freight Movement in this region.


At GWL, we have dedicated teams in place to provide both Air Freight and Ocean Freight solutions. Our trained team works efficiently to meet your demand and continues to find ways to help find the most appropriate solutions for your cargo freight movement.

Ocean Freight

GWL Ocean Freight services includes the safe and efficient loading and unloading of your cargo from Containers. We also have trucks to carry out pickup or delivery services for your goods.


We are part of the internationally renowned AIO Worldwide Network, which helps us provide unique solutions for our customers in different countries. We ensure that your materials are smoothly delivered within minimum time limits.

Air Freight

Air freight is one of the leading and fastest growing businesses and at GWL, we ascertain top class services for our customers. Air cargo is used to deliver valuable products within a short period of time. Our expert team is always available to provide the finest solution to you. The team would ensure the safety of your cargo and provide the perfect services at the most affordable rates. Whether handling small or large volumes, GWL provides arrival and transfer of cargo efficiently and on time.


When choosing a Freight Service Provider, we encourage you to do a thorough research on the strength of the organization and their team set-up. It is important that your goods are imported/exported by a professional that is quick in service and is able to solve any difficulties that may arise. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our Freight Forwarding Services at our mail id.


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