Excellent Warehouse Management KPIs Every Supply Chain Executives Should Measure

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KPIs or key performance indicators stimulate productiveness in business. A person holding the rank of supply chain manager needs to be aware of logistics KPIs. The manager should know when and how to apply these rules.


At Gulf Worldwide Logistics, we believe in skillful applications of important KPIs for complete customer satisfaction.

Freight receiving KPI

As a reputed freight forwarding service provider in Dubai, we stress on freight receiving managements. The supply managers are supposed to be well informed about how much employee volume they require at a given time. They need to use labor power effectively. After the freight is being received, the storage process should start immediately and it requires good amount of labor power. The time, cost and put away per volume are the first level of KPIs to measure.

Shipping related KPI

The supply managers should emphasize on the accuracy of shipment and meeting deadlines. If fewer amounts of products are supplied than demand, it can cause a lot of disbalance and the company’s reputation might be compromised. The total number of order shipped divided by the total number of order expected shipments formulates the KPI.

KPI related to return of products

Customers will send back products if there are disputes. To measure reverse logistics KPI, the total number of returned goods are divided by total number of shipped goods.

Maintenance KPI

The warehouse uses much equipment. It is the responsibility of the manager to be notified about the health status of equipment. This will give them a clear picture of the run time of equipment before the next maintenance. This KPI is derived by calculating the time since last maintenance by the mean time between consecutive maintenance.

Packaging and pick up KPI

To distribute harmonious work force ratio the pick up KPI is used. It shows how may products are picked up by workers. It also includes packaging costs, work-labor distribution and labor costs.

Storage related KPI

Warehouses maintain data sheets to check their storage level. The storage that was physically done should be divided by the storage that was thought to be available to measure this KPI.


All these KPIs make the warehouse management easy and peaceful. The supply chain managers should be instrumental in tracking records and prudent in applying them.

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