Improving Efficiency Within A Warehouse

Efficient supply chain management within a warehouse

Gulf Worldwide Logistics (GWL), a leading provider of world-class supply-chain solutions is an emerging player in third party logistics in Dubai, UAE. Commencing as a warehouseing service provider, the company has now more of a multi-dimensional approach in services like freight forwarding, land transportation, customs documentation, project logistics, contract logistics, value added services and material handling. By exploring and excelling in diverse fields, GWL strives to offer its customers a personalized service at one-stop with an emphasis on quality service.


It is the warehouse activities through which GWL started its journey and gradually integrated itself into the 3PL industry as one of the today’s top logistics service provider in Dubai. The warehouse environment of GWL is the key to its success.


There are many ways through which warehouse activities can be more efficiently managed in an organization. GWL’s adherence to strict safety and security guidelines is a starting point on which the workers have been trained.


Some of the effective measures a Warehouse can use to increase efficiency:


Maximize and optimize all available space: A logistics service provider should aim to make use of the available warehouse space to its optimum level. They must select the most appropriate Storage Solution (Rack/Shelf) in order to take maximum advantage of the height and area of the facility


Selecting the correct MHE: The right equipment must be utilized to pick and store material within the warehouse. Equipment that requires minimum space to operate can help improve the speed and efficiency of the work.


Inventory Management: Adopting an effective inventory management system for the warehouse is very important for stock-keeping. Accurate stock levels should be known to the customer at all times, and the location of each SKU should be easy to track down. The idea is to reduce dead-stock and excess stock while ensuring that appropriate Minimum Stock Levels are kept at all times for the Sales to occur naturally.


Adopt the latest technology: It is advisable to use the latest technologies to carry out the work more effectively. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) or an ERP system with a strong WMS module can improve efficiency by suggesting the best routes and methods for picking or put away. Moreover, using barcode or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers can improve the accuracy of transactions, and reduce picking errors. Depending on the industry, the correct Technology to be adopted.


Focus on Safety: It should be of paramount importance to continuously improve the SAFETY STANDARDS of a warehouse. Management must take care to protect their employees and avoid any accidents or mishaps that could result in injury or worse. Workers must wear Safety Gear at all times and follow the rules strictly.


Work-Flow Planning: A Well-trained Warehouse Supervisor/Manager is very integral in planning the daily/weekly work within a warehouse. The labors have to be streamlined according to the Incoming/Outgoing tasks of the day. Teams have to be made in advance, and cooperation has to be consistently monitored to improve the speed and effectiveness of the operations.


An efficient warehouse is critical for customer satisfaction because it helps ensure quick and accurate shipments and it is up to both management and workers to serve customers at its best. Above are some tips that can be used by any organization to improve its warehouse operations.


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