Logistics Industry In The Middle East

Logistics itself is a very big industry which refers to the entire Supply Chain Model of an organization. It begins from the Supplier’s Factory and ends till the product reaches the customer; in between all the processes such as Shipping, Customs, Transportation, storage and distribution of goods fall under the broad category of logistics. Companies usually outsource part or complete logistics activities to multiple service providers that specialize in different functions across the supply chain, such as freight forwarding, transportation, customs clearances and warehousing.


UAE is considered as one of the largest Logistics Hubs in the middle-east and many multinational and local logistics companies have set up in Dubai catering to the increasing demand and specialization services.


About the industry –

  • Logistics industry and its infrastructure in the UAE are increasingly becoming important as the region has emerged as an important trans-shipment point for Europe-Asia trade and also as a multimodal logistics hub to cater to the needs of increasing trade within the region.
  • In the logistics industry, we at GWL have impressed the market and the customers with our quality services. We are one of the most notable logistics company with warehousing service in Dubai.
  • Dubai has built a great infrastructure of ports, airports, airlines and shipping lines to facilitate the global supply chain. Dubai’s focus on innovation and transformation also ensures that supply chain is empowered for long-term growth here.

The Middle East, more specifically the UAE, has undergone a tremendous growth over the past few years. Today, Jebel Ali Free Zone enjoys its favorable place as a significant player in international trading and transport logistics hub.


Indeed, the UAE’s position as an international logistics hub proved to be significant during the global recession. It was one of the strengths that the government focused on in order to weather the effects of the crisis. While other economies were flagging, the country proved to be resilient as its merit as a logistics hub continued to attract investors from abroad. The development of Dubai and the UAE as the logistics hub also poses great impetus foremost of which is the issue on cargo security.


GWL has expanded its services over the years to become a Complete Logistics Solution Provider in Dubai; allowing companies to work with us in all aspects of managing their cargo from Source to Destination. Our multiple warehouses have given us the knowledge to manage various kinds of cargo in a safe and secure manner.

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