What Are The Pre-Shipment Documents Used In Logistics?

Pre-shipment documents needed and used in logistics companies in dubai
In the field of logistics, ‘pre-shipment’ specifically means that the equipment or the package is yet to be sent out for delivery. Logistics service by land transportation or other means requires documents whenever a delivery is to be done. Pre-shipment documents are one of many. But, they are also one of the most important types of documents needed in this field.

What Is A Pre-Shipment Document?

While being in the pre-shipment state, the package requires documentation to get clearance before it’s shipped to the destination. There are quite a few pre-shipment documents that are required, especially in the busy Gulf region. All proper customs documentation service providers in Dubai keep track of their documents before giving clearance.

Bill of Lading: These are used as both a receipt for the good transportation and the title document.

Proforma invoice: These are similar to commercial invoices and they specify the buyer and seller of the package, as well as the details of delivery.

Commercial Invoice: These are the bills that the seller gives to the buyer. Governments also use these to assess customs duties.

Export Packing List: A detailed version of the standard packing list. These list sellers, buyers, shipper, invoice number, date and mode of shipment and everything else that matters.

Certificates of Origin: Some countries require these certificates for either all products or certain chosen ones. This is to keep illegal goods from being shipped to various countries.

Dock Receipt: These are receipts to prove that the shipment was delivered and received at the shipping terminal.

Insurance Certificate: These certificates are immensely helpful because they provide proof that the goods are insured in case a loss or damage occurs.

There are more documents than these, but the most crucial ones belong to this list. For a company providing customs documentation assistance service in Dubai, keeping track of these pre-shipment documents is extremely important. At Gulf Worldwide Logistics, we provide our customers complete assurance that their packages are in good and safe hands. Being one of the most attentive logistics companies in one of the busiest regions, it’s our duty to keep our integrity and deliver on time, courtesy a well-maintained and experienced team who can be relied upon to optimize documents for our customers.

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