5 Qualities Of Effective Supply Chain Managers

Supply chain management by senior managers inside a warehousing facility in dubai

Supply Chain Manager holds the central position in business logistics. S/he Is responsible for managing all the steps involved in the procurement of raw materials, keeping sufficient stock to manage customer demand, and then ensuring it is distributed to the right destinations in the most efficient way.


In order to be successful in this high-pressure job, there are few qualities that we believe are essential to becoming a Master.


The supply manager has to spend time coordinating with various Departments within the organization as well as with Suppliers and Customers that are located externally. The reputation of the company greatly depends upon his/her ability to manage relationships. The person needs to possess great leadership qualities so that people are inspired and motivated to work according to the schedules and plans given to them. A good leader values everyone’s opinion and connects to every level (from laborer to the CEO) and still stands out for breakthrough solution and ideas.


The business world is a very mobile industry, especially when it comes to logistics and supply chains. The best way to encounter it like a pro is being updated about the latest trends in Warehousing Facilities, Transportation, Customs Knowledge and continuously update the procedures of the organization to improve efficiency. Supply manager needs to be very flexible according to time, space and scenario. The thirst for knowledge and improvement should always be there.


Supply managers are very well educated about technological advances. You need to be an expert in data management systems and software. Reporting is essential to monitor progress and it should be easy to access so that adjustments can be made regularly to improve.

Communication Skills:

Oh! Yes. You need to have very good communication skills. It is not about vocabulary but it’s about clarity of your thoughts. All the people related in the supply chain follow your instructions. So it is of utmost importance that the supply chain manager’s ideas are well communicated, clear and precise. You have to listen to counterparts and help them achieve their goals while ensuring that your requirements are met.

Management Skills:

As the title implies, you will have to spend time in management when you are in this position – not only managing duties but keeping an eye on the financial figures as well. You are accountable for everyday activities; and have to take responsibility for the good and bad. Anything can happen at any time during delivery of goods, and it is important that you react quickly and swiftly to keep the work moving forward.


To sum it up, the supply chain manager needs to be a person of many qualities who is never scared to face challenges, take responsibilities and manage different tasks at a time.

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