How Logistics Can Help Win The E-Commerce Race In The Middle East

Picture of loading cargo in the truck using a forklift for a shipping company in dubai

The Middle East is emerging as a business hotspot for new age technology and is at the fore-front of implementing new IT developments that lead to the benefit of consumers and suppliers alike. Moving forward from the conventional brick and mortar type retail and distribution channels, the U.A.E. is fast adapting to business over internet or E-Commerce.


E-Commerce attracts users due to its simplicity and ease of use to order items across entire spectrum, from electronics to clothes and more. While it allows consumers to take benefit from lower prices and convenient delivery; it also allows new suppliers to enter the market and focus on maximizing efficiency and keep costs low.

Logistics In Dubai Welcomes E-Commerce

While the consumer and supplier both benefit, it is essentially the Logistics and Supply Chain that has the most potential to profit from E-Commerce growth. Ensuring that the right product in the best packaging is delivered from warehouse to customer in the fastest possible manner is a challenge that excites any logistics professional.

We at GWL believe that efficient logistics and warehouse service providers will be one of the greatest factors responsible for the rise of e-commerce in Dubai and other regions of the Middle East.

Jebel Ali Free Zone and surrounding areas allow for the construction of massive distribution facilities, similar to those seen in countries like USA, China etc. With expertise in E-commerce and Warehousing coming from all over the world, U.A.E. is well positioned to be the leader in the Middle East.

Logistics software is getting incorporated into the digital platform, e-commerce is gaining popularity more than ever before; especially with the younger generation who have the knowledge and access to Smart phones and Tablets.

The Internet Makes Things Easier

The growing interest of online shopping portals in this region is also paving way for more investments and employments. Website creators are looking for potential distribution and logistics partners that can offer accurate stock-keeping and delivery timings; along with safe storage and packaging services.

E-Commerce Gaining Popularity

Benefits of e-commerce are widely accepted by consumers globally and the Middle East is not left far behind. The hassle-free and fast-paced nature of online marketing are comforting and exciting all together. It opens the opportunity of accessing millions of online products mediated by logistics services while sitting in the comfort of your home. E-commerce not only helps in the easy transfer of products from supplier to customer, but also has the potential to provide undisrupted customer care services, which helps companies gain consumer loyalty.


To sum it up, logistics is successfully using the rise of internet era in international trade. When backed by the support and willingness of customers, one of the fastest growing logistics industries is in the way of E-commerce in the Middle East.

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