6 Value Added Services That Can Help Streamline Your Business

A container being lifted with cargo machinery on a dock for a dubai logistics company

An effective supply chain is one where operations are lean, costs are controlled and customers are delighted with service. For any business associated with a physical product, having a well-oiled supply chain in place is paramount to achieving sustainable growth. Fulfillment companies offer an extended range of value-added services that complement the core services. At GWL, a logistics company in Dubai, we believe in understanding the customers’ requirements first, before offering our solutions.

Following Are The 6 Value-Added Services That Could Help To Streamline Your Business:

Product Assembly

If you have a business that requires a degree of sub-assembly of varied components, you may decide to outsource this task and tap into the flexible resource available. Outsourcing an assembly line for a specific project avoids the need to move goods from depot to depot and helps to reduce lead time.

Supply Chain Consultancy

Data is a vital component in identifying both positive and negative trends but knowing how to interpret data is just as important. Industry expertise coupled with best practice methods can be very powerful when driving down operating costs and improving lead times.

Quality Control

Finding time to check products before they are distributed to customers can be very time-consuming. Some products may need checking to ensure they comply with industry standards. Outsourcing quality control will not only save a lot of time but it will also reduce errors, improve customer service and keep your suppliers on their toes.

Call Centre Support

Outsourcing to a dedicated call center and a suitably trained service agent can give you more time to focus on the primary tasks of sourcing and selling.

Point of Sale (POS)

Having a professional and coherent look to your business through the use of advertising and promotional collateral will vastly improve its creditability. Such collateral includes tags, promotional stands, banners, and posters while most fulfillment houses will also insert promotional leaflets free of charge into each package.

Packaging Assembly

The look and feel of a product can make a big difference to how a company is perceived. Ensuring that your products are neatly presented with the correct paperwork will gain kudos with your customers.

We at GWL, a freight forwarding service provider in Dubai, really enjoy what we do and our energetic team will extend their best efforts to ensure you are comfortable.

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