Advanced Logistics Software Eradicate The Need Of Third Party Logistics Providers

Advanced logistics system in dubai for effective freight forwarding

In the last century, third-party logistics began as a simple public warehousing approach. Over the last 25 years, the evolution of today’s logistics capabilities has dramatically accelerated. However, at present with the advent of advanced logistics software, the use of third-party logistics companies have been reduced to a great extent.


Advanced logistics software can help you accelerate your business by effectively managing and facilitating your company’s logistics processes. It brings along with it professional skills, adequate transport capabilities, a suitable infrastructure, and a system that streamlines and integrates your logistic and administrative processes. We at GWL, a logistics company with warehousing service in Dubai, have provided you some of the features and advantages of advanced logistics software.

Leveraging Third-Party Logistics

With an extensive experience in logistics services and relentless focus on your business, the advanced third-party logistics software provides you an industry-specific solution fully integrated with ERP platforms. It extends the standard functions of the world-class software with specialized add-on modules that can accelerate your investment return.

Advanced logistics software usually includes:

  • Transport and logistics services
  • Outbound logistic – shipping, multiple picking algorithms
  • Inbound logistics – put away, goods receipts
  • Advanced logistics – return logistics, cycle counting, intercompany warehouse transfers
  • Route planning
  • Advanced location management – pick locations, bulk locations, cross docking
  • Automated inventory replenishment

Specialized ERP platforms such as SAP Business One used by third-party logistics providers, offers industry-specific functions for traceability and quality management. These advanced functions allow your company to ensure the dock-to-dock traceability of product flows and manage the quality of your manufactured and traded goods.

Features of Advanced Software:

Integrated Order Processing: In this software, sales order processing and purchase order processing are integrated so that stock balances and statistics are automatically updated.

Automatic Stock Monitoring: With the help of this software, the stock is automatically monitored with orders triggered through Material Requirement Planning and Master Production Scheduling.

Barcoding System: This provision of the software speeds up processing and recording and read barcodes from your computer.

We at GWL, a freight forwarding service provider in Dubai, really enjoy what we do and our efficient team will cater to you with the best of their abilities to make sure that you get the best and most advanced services!

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