Gulf Worldwide Logistics: Meeting All Your Freight Needs

Be it something as small as a tile or something as big and expensive as factory equipment, you can’t take chances when it comes to shipping. And if the shipment is damaged due to any reason or circumstances the consequential losses are far worse than the financial ones. So, if you are running a manufacturing business in UAE, then shipping of equipment to and from the UAE is part of your, business requirement and a good freight forwarding service from a reliable logistics partner is inevitable.

Merely choosing the cheapest freight forwarder may seem economical but if there is a service failure will they step up and resolve the issue. Reliability is a major essence as well while using any freight forwarder. A good Freight Forwarder is one that understands the importance and need of your shipment along with its execution and also should be reliable. This is what Gulf Worldwide Logistics is all about. It is not only a cheaper freight option but one of the best and a reliable shipping company in Dubai.

Having said that let us now have a look at the different services here Gulf Worldwide Logistics offers in the UAE for their valued customers.


Moving goods overseas can take weeks and even months during which security of the shipment can be worrisome. At Gulf Worldwide Logistics takes special care and is equipped to handle any cargo or equipment till they reach their destination. Our container services include full-containers that are operated by a professional network of carriers that have a strong reputation with accurate transit time .almost safety measures and excellent operational practices. Apart from this, we have less than container services for goods that are in small quantity and do not represent Full Container Load.

With us at your side, you send your goods by sea to reach your destination and at a very competitive rate. As one of the best shipping company in Dubai, we are true to our name. We are equipped with every possible logistical, warehousing, and freight solutions available to ensure and cater to your needs and as you require

The Air Freight Department Services

Today, speed has become an important criterion of overseas trade, and to make it easier, Gulf Worldwide Logistics also has an air freight department that caters to your shipments which are required on an urgent basis and ensures complete Door to Door services within the expected time.

Airfreight is one of the fastest services available and we focus on tailor-made solutions for our customers with the best service possible.

With one of the world’s largest airport closely located, Gulf Worldwide Logistics also undertakes effective sea air and air-sea transitions.

We also have a strong clearance and delivery Team which ensures immediate clearance as soon as the shipment arrives. Further, we also provide complete insurance from Door to Door so you are totally satisfied with regard to any consequential damage during the transit of the shipment.

Land Freight Services

And finally, we also support trade within the city, country, and GCC region. We have some of the best local and regional transport operators who assist us with regard to local and regional deliveries with the best precision and transit time. We have smooth border clearance facilities within the network to ensure reducing delays at customs border control checkpoints.

What Else?

Apart from being one of the Best Shipping Logistics Company In Dubai, we also have other valuable services for you like warehousing and storage, and value-added services. You can visit our online website to get to know all about us. That being said, if you are having problems getting your shipments shipped either overseas, within your country, or city, you know where to come, for the best Freight Forwarding Services option in Dubai. GULF WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS IS FOR YOU
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