Appropriate Material Handling Equipment You Should Use In Logistics Industry

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services include warehousing, transportation, customs documentation, freight forwarding and most importantly, the safe handling of all types of cargo. 3PL service providers help reduce cost and thereby increase profitability for you, the Customer, which has led to supply chains relying increasingly on such services.

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is one of the key services that any 3rd party logistics provider offers. As a leading Logistics company in Dubai, we are specialized in providing the best cargo handling services and are continuously working to improve our performance to exceed customers expectations. We at GWL are authorized distributors of Baoli Forklifts in the UAE. Baoli is an international manufacturer and best in its field of material handling. It offers a wide range of products including diesel, gasoline and LPG trucks.

Other Equipment

Third-party logistics providers offering cargo handling services first and foremost require trained staff for carrying out operations properly without causing expensive mistakes.


Besides Forklifts; various Cargo Movement machines are required for the most effective handling of products inside a warehouse. Conveyor belts and Pulleys are extremely effective when carrying large and heavy cargo from one section of the warehouse to another in the fastest possible manner.


Some of the best logistics companies in the world have installed robotic drive units to make tasks efficient. These Robots help in picking, storing and bringing various SKU’s to the packing areas where manual labour tasks are undertaken. Some examples include Alibaba and Amazon.


As can be seen by the video; Conventional forklifts are being replaced by new high-tech robotics technology.


3rd party logistics providers use the best and modern technology for cargo handling appropriate to the Type of Cargo and the Way in which the storage is done. Cargo can be kept in different ways such as:

  • Standard Palletized on Racks;
  • Non-Standard Palletized on Ground;
  • Non-Palletized Loose Cargo.

Selecting the best Equipment is essential to operating a safe, quick and efficient Warehouse.


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