Top Tips To Optimize Your Warehouse Storage System

Top Tips to Optimize your Warehouse Storage System
How you organize the Storage Systems within the Warehouse Facility is probably the most important role of a Warehouse Service Provider.

Utilizing the space with utmost efficiency allows you to offer Customers storage solutions with maximum benefit to both parties concerned. Precise Location allocations allow a Warehouse to speed up receipt, put-away, pick-up and dispatch of cargo. Time is a premium in the logistics industry, and organization of the Warehouse is where a competitive advantage can be earned.
If the warehouse is managed improperly by the organization, it makes your storage management miserable and business transportation a headache. Warehouse management system often requires software automated managing protocols. Manual handling in today’s business world can slow the economic pace. 

Is there a remedy?

We at Gulf Worldwide Logistics are here to provide you with various types of storage facilities, covering 40,000sq meters in Jebel Ali Free Zone. We aim to be one of the most efficient and customizable warehousing service providers in Dubai. We offer specialized storage facilities and solutions for different cargos. 

  • Indoor Rack Storage for palletized cargo
  • Indoor Bulk storage for Non- palletized and Nonstandard cargo
  • Open yard storage for project cargo and heavy equipment
  • A/C Rack and Bulk Storage for Temperature Sensitive Cargo
  • Dedicated Chemical Storage Facility

These diverse specialized storage systems have helped GWL understand the needs of many industries and we have organized our Warehouse in the most beneficial manner to allow us to maximize throughput. 

Placing the Cargo Correctly

Before a cargo is accepted into the Warehouse, the Sales, Operations and Warehouse Team should be made aware of the exact Storage Requirement. Wherever possible, pictures should be provided so that an appropriate storage area can be allocated in advance to receipt. 

Depending on the type of cargo (Rackable, Stackable, Outdoor) it is wise to place the right goods in right places. Wasting indoor storage space by placing heavy project cargos or placing sensitive cargos outdoor and ending up with absolute mess are never prudent decisions.

Accurate Stock Management

Cargo management is a strategic policy. There should be a clear procedure in-place when the product enters the facility. The quantity should be tallied as per the Documents Received and then allocated to the pre-decided location for storage.It is also wise to take pictures of the inbound goods to ensure that there are no visual damages and share with the customer. At the time of outbound, the products should be easy to access and prepare for dispatch. We at GWL have trained our teams to cater to the varying nature of products. Good warehouse organization helps us utilize the space properly. 

ERP/WMS makes it easy

Use of storage specialized software not only cuts off manual labour, at the same time, it gives users or clients information about the availability of storage. It keeps updating and gives a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

It is not always about how big the space is, but more about how we utilize the available space to run our business with sheer elegance and smartness.

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