Improving The Workforce Culture Through Values

New Age Companies are focused on improving the workforce culture by evaluating the performance of its organization on the basis of Values. GWL as a logistics company in Dubai is working hard to move forward into the 2020s with a new identity of values towards the Customers, the Society and its employees.


For GWL, it’s all about adhering to values and growing our business.


GWL has under its operations quite a few facilities, providing a multitude of storage and warehousing options for various cargo types. We have dedicated a warehouse for the management of non-hazardous chemicals; we also have a warehouse for air-conditioned storage for goods; aside from Normal Indoor and Outdoor Storage Facilities.


The employees of GWL are well aware of the core Values, and prominently display this attitude across all the premises. By strictly following these; GWL aims to become a Leading player in the 3PL industry in Dubai;

A Summary Of Our Values

We appreciate whatever opportunities come to us and look to learn something new every day. No client is too small, and no job is too menial.


Encourage team members to always focus on doing the right thing, even if that means loss of time and money in the short-term. The Team shows courage to undertake any endeavor for the betterment of service in the long-run.


Dedication is something that we take pride in. We believe that there can’t be any shortcut to success. It’s not enough to just “DO”, it’s invaluable to think “WHY”.


Leadership is something every person in the organization is required to learn. It takes courage and effort to inspire teammates. We believe in setting an example for others to follow.


The GWL Goal is to create a culture that fosters innovation, growth and personal fulfillment while constantly improving to keep up with the pace of the globalized world. We believe that this improvement in culture will automatically result in big opportunities in the business world, and the customer will get 10x value.


Opportunities come in various forms – small or big, and if each job is undertaken with the same fervor and commitment it results in quality work. As a Logistics Company, our core strength is the service and enthusiasm towards the customer’s work.


Openness and clarity in all communications are the two most important features that build trust. Hence, being transparent is what we believe in. It helps build a trust factor with all those we work with and also with the clients.


Being open and creative to new ideas and methods can also be very fruitful to better the company’s productivity. Enhancing skills is also of massive impetus when recruiting new members, empowering and educating employees to grow within an organization.


It is quite evident that values or ethics have an integral role to play. All of these factors will take us towards success and GWL definitely has the potential to become the “most reliable logistic service provider” in the UAE!

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