A/C Warehousing Facility At GWL: A Small Description

Air-Conditioned Warehousing is indeed a very important part of logistics in Dubai given the high temperatures in this region. To store temperature sensitive products such as Foodstuff/Medicines/Electronics a reliable warehousing service provider in Dubai is essential. GWL latest facility is a best-in-class AC warehouse located in Jebel Ali Free Zone. GWL has dedicated a professional team and equipment towards the management of its AC Warehouse.

Temperature Controlled Facility:-

At GWL, AC facilities are provided for a host of storage and warehousing services across industries. This is geared to be effective in the management of cargo types that cannot be stored in normal temperature due to increased heat or moisture;

  • GWL has a special facility of temperature control that helps all goods stay cool and dry no matter what the outside weather is.
  • Goods are stored in the air-conditioned facility that is maintained at a control between 18–22 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature-controlled AC warehousing adds to our portfolio as a complete warehousing services provider, making us one of the most diverse logistics company in Dubai.
  • All cargo that is stored and managed in the warehouses are updated using our in-house ERP software.

A Little Into Air-Conditioned And Safety Of Cargo:-

Ineffective control of temperature and humidity can adversely affect the quality and safety of goods being stored. Air-conditioning equipment plays an essential role in maintaining the proper storage environment for products at all times. GWL has multiple cooling units installed to ensure that the temperature is controlled at all times evenly across the facility.


With the significant energy savings and reliable operations offered by GWL, customers are increasingly choosing us for an integrated approach to storing different types of cargo in one location.


To manage the varied portfolio of cargo that comes through our facilities on a daily basis, we have ensured that the required MHE is available for handling the products under strict supervision and HSSE policies.


We are very keen on providing the best quality and facilities to our customers and we take pride in the fact that we have gained this reputation over the years. The team in charge of AC warehousing is regularly provided training in order to offer improved service and safety to the cargo under management


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