The Importance Of Shipping Lines In Freight Forwarding

Bulk cargo shipment transportation via sea for logistics company in dubai

Freight forwarding is a business arrangement in which a third-party logistics company arranges the shipping and documentation of merchandise on behalf of its customer. This includes Export and Import Shipments.


Freight forwarders specialize in lowering the costs of the shipper along with improved efficiency of procedures. GWL is focused on becoming one of the best Freight Forwarding service providers in Dubai.

Importance of shipping lines:

A shipping line is a company or organization that owns and operates vessels, responsible for the smooth transportation of the cargo aboard their ships. They handle the cargo from point of origin to the destination, majorly port to port, transiting regular routes on fixed schedules aboard their own vessels.


Freight Forwarder is entirely dependent on Shipping Lines to provide the fastest route and best price to its customer for the safe movement of cargo;


Usually, a Freight Forwarder will be in Contact with Multiple Shipping Lines to check for appropriate Space Availability and Shipping Schedules depending on the requirement of the Customer.

  • Forwarders provide shippers with assistance across the whole journey to ensure that the Shipping Line delivers goods to the Consignee as per agreed terms.
  • Forwarders are able to negotiate better rates with Shipping Lines due to the multiple destinations and high volumes they guarantee to the Lines.
  • Shipping Lines provide assistance to Forwarders in the form of Space Availability, Credit Terms and regular communication.

Shipping lines simplify freight forwarding

Shipping lines have a huge role to play in freight forwarding, they give support to Logistics Companies that bring with them Numerous Customers and Container Loads.


A shipping line is responsible from when the cargo is consolidated to the time when the cargo is deconsolidated. On special request, they are able to provide Free Detention time for Containers at the destination port. Freight Forwarders can help customers negotiate their specific requirement with the Shipping Line.

Trust GWL to Choose the Correct Shipping Line for you:

Depending on the Type Of Cargo (DG or Non-DG, Bulk, Drums, Liquid…), the Destination, Transit Time and Cost, GWL advises their customers on the best Shipping Line to utilize; and ensures that your cargo is handled safely and efficiently along the way.


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