Project Cargo Assistance From A 3PL

3PL or third-party logistics refers to providing outsourced logistics services to organizations that are looking to have their Cargo Managed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The 3PL will provide its facilities, vehicles and professional services to the customer at a fee in proportion to the requirements of the project.

Project Logistics

Managing the Logistics of a Project is one of the most challenging services a 3PL company provides. It involves the movement of Large, Heavy Machinery and Non-Standard Equipment from source to destination. The entire cargo in a particular project is usually towards a singular purpose and transported together to be assembled or used in tandem.


Examples of Project Logistics would be:

  • Relocation or Set-up of an entire Factory
  • Machine related to setting up of Power Generation at a Facility
  • Road Construction Machinery to be transported to a particular area
  • Oil and Gas Equipment to be transported to an offshore Rig

The projects are permanent at times, and at other times they are for limited time periods which then require reverse Logistics; taking the entire cargo back to the source from the destination.

Benefits Of Using A 3PL For Project Cargo

  • Efficiency: Third-party logistics service providers have a wide shipping network and material handling capability. Project Cargo usually requires multiple modes of transport and specific handling equipment that is different to normal cargo. 3PLs are able to arrange all of this in the most efficient and time-reducing manner.
  • Safety and Cost Reduction: Transporting over-sized, bulk and non-standard cargo requires precise planning and knowledge of the resources required. Third-party providers have enough experience in this field and hiring them will ensure that no expensive mistakes are made.
  • Optimization: 3PL companies ensure that they make improvements to their process so that your needs are met perfectly. They use the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective processes.

Project Management In The UAE

GWL is one of the best logistics company in Dubai that offer the complete spectrum of services required for the effective execution of a Project Cargo.  We have tie-ups across the globe to arrange the safe transport (through Sea-Air-Land) of the Cargo, bring it into Jebel Ali Free Zone, arrange the relevant paperwork for quick Customs Clearance and bring it to our own facilities for Storage, sorting and other value-added requirements. From there, we can manage according to the timeline given by the Project to deliver the Cargo in a timely and safe manner across the UAE.


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