Air Freight Service By GWL: Quickest Way To Get Your Things Delivered

Air cargo being loaded into an airplane for freight forwarder companies in dubai

At GWL, we offer a multitude of storage and warehousing capabilities across industries along with other 3PL Services like Customs Documentations, Freight Forwarding, Transport and Project Logistics. We are well experienced and can assure the safe and efficient handling of various types of cargos.

Air Freight Service is our fastest growing division in Dubai, and we have added extra resources to our logistics team to offer the best services for our customers in the Middle East.

One of the best and fastest growing demands in the Middle East is Air Transports. With the rise of E-Commerce and “Next Day Delivery” it is very important that you select a reliable freight forwarding service provider in Dubai to ensure your customer is left satisfied and you can expand your business without worrying about the Supply Chain Management.

All About Our Air Freight Service

  • Our Clearing and Documentation department is proficient in Dubai Customs procedures. Our company is integrated with Dubai’s E-Mirsal system since inception, and our team is well trained and experienced in utilizing it to optimize documentation requirements of our customers.
  • Our Air-Freight team offers a complete package of International Air Cargo solutions. Air freight business is one of our fastest growing services and the main focus is on providing world class customer service.
  • Our air shipment services include variations like Single worldwide shipments, Regular consolidation services and Sea-Air and Air-Sea transition.
  • Air freight solutions are also provided for DG rated cargo.
  • DWC being the world’s largest airport and its proximity to our facilities in Jebel Ali Free Zone presents a smooth and exciting opportunity for air freight services.
  • Our air freight service team members are extremely careful in handling cargo that is time sensitive perishables and high-value products and we make sure that they are handled with caution and care.

Though we have gained the reputation as a warehouse storage provider in Dubai, we are now an expert in shipping and logistics service for third-party customers.  Our air freight forwarding service in Dubai is now considered as the most reliable, as we have built up a very strong team.

Our tie-up with Worldwide Network of Agents under the AIO Umbrella allows us to offer Airport to Airport and Door-to-Door solutions for our customers across the Globe. We enjoy excellent terms with Aircraft Carriers and Airlines to offer customers an optimized solution to ensure cargo is moved with the best efficiency and at the lowest price.

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