Shelving Facility Available At GWL Warehouse In Dubai

shelving facility in a warehouse of a logistics service provider in Dubai adds additional value and adds to the product mix of a 3PL Provider. With the right kind of shelving infrastructure and inventory management procedure, it becomes simpler and easier to handle storage of smaller sized components with multiple SKUs.


Shelving makes it more convenient to identify and organize small parts in a warehouse; it is normally utilized for the Oil-and-Gas Spares Industry; Automotive Spare Parts Industry and other similar operations.


Shelving is normally used by industries that require small parts to be shipped together in urgency; usually by Air-Freight. Items are kept numerically or application wise; and a good warehouse manager will ensure that the picking and packing are completed in record time.


There are various kinds of shelving that a Warehouse Service Provider can utilize; here are some of them:

HI-280 Shelving

This system has versatility as its primary objective. It acts as the ultimate compactness in storage. When combined with mobile bases, it can offer shelving for small parts and the handling of archival storage. The mobile units act as the spine of this shelving method, with the units adjustable according to the width and depth required.

Long-Span Shelving

This is the most efficient form of Shelving available in the market. Through a typical modular design, it makes sure that space is utilized with maximum productivity. With this method, we can adjust the heights and contours of our storage components to ensure that we can fit more in smaller areas. It is possible for us to customize storage spaces.

HI-280 Multi-Tier Shelving

As the name suggests, there are more than one levels on this system built on mezzanine. The bottom shelf is the support for the structure. The supporting vertical pillars are built to carry the weight upwards. These multi-tier installations are useful in our warehouse where we usually store spare parts. This kind of shelving is also quite cost-effective and ideal for warehouses high roofs to make best use of the height. When it comes to the economics of shelving, this method is the best fit.


GWL uses the Multi-Tier Shelving System; with 3 Tiers’ we are able to offer Shelving Storage for more than 3000 SKUs;


We are able to provide unique warehouse storage options and Shelving Storage is one of our unique product offerings.

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