What Is The Role Of E-MIRSAL In Jebel Ali Free Zone?

Jebel Ali is a duty-free zone in the UAE. It is one of the largest Sea Ports in the World; it sees a sizable amount of cargo and freight passing through at any given time of the year. Every container and cargo entering and exiting the port requires documentation and paperwork. To make the process efficient, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and Dubai Customs launched e-Mirsal early in the 2000s and later upgraded to e-Mirsal II. It has made Jebel Ali one of the fastest document processing hubs as everything is processed Automatically Online.


Any organization in the UAE can obtain permits and other licenses required for both import and export within the e-Mirsal system. Once obtained; all documents such as Invoice, Packing List, Certificate Origin are prepared and uploaded through an active internet connection on the Dubai Customs Portal.


The objective of this software is to make the whole process of documentation for freight and cargo transportation paperless. Jebel Ali, being a free zone, has reaped the benefits of this process and it has helped grow the Free Zone into one of the best in the World.


If a logistics company of Dubai is registered with e-MIRSAL and is a part of the network, it has access to all the required documents like licenses, permits, custom clearance certificates, receipts for imports and transit papers on the electronic medium. There is no need to manually carry around important papers and physically go to Dubai Customs to clear shipments. Using the system, Custom clearances are done quickly and in a more convenient manner.


Companies have wholeheartedly welcomed the introduction of the e-MIRSAL system at Jebel Ali. According to industry experts, a lot of money and time has been saved with the launch of this initiative. With all the relevant paperwork available at the click of a mouse or on a handheld device, offices, customers and carriers are all on the same page at the same time. Moreover, the entire paperwork is archived and maintained online in a secure network.


In this day and age of digital networking, e-MIRSAL has changed the way Jebel Ali does business!


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